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Emergency Call Related Solution

Emergency Call Related Solution

  • Emergency Call receiver transfers the emergency call information to the NVR or DVR. And the related 4 channel images are popuped by the 4 division on the screen and then records the 4 channel by the emergency call recording mode and rings the system to inform it to the monitoring person alertly.

Emergency Set Emergency call Channel setting

Emergency signal input Emergency call(Sender) → Emergency call(Receiver)
/ Transfer Emergency Call

Event Popup Event popup and emergency recording

Elevator(IBS) Signal Related Solution

  • Elevator Event related solution gets the elevator operation event and, displays the floor and operation event information, and operation time on the set channel.
  • The floor information which displayed on the screen can be searched on the search mode with the matched channel moving image.

Elevator Event Setting Elevator Channel Setting

Elevator Operation Signal Elevator operation signal(Client)
→Elevator operation signal(Server)
/ Tranfer Elevator Operation Signal

Display Elevator Event Display Elevator Floor