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  • 2016

    09Cooperation Contract between K-NEW and Yu-Han University.

    08Support UDP, Dahua IP camera

    08Development of multi LPR(License Plate Recognition) Gate, and Number LCD Display.

    05Cooperation Contract between K-NEW and KyungMin University.

    05Support Maximum 12MPixel IP camera

    04Development of Auto Backup solution (Server and Storage solution).

    04Register the Image Management Equipment Direct Production Authentication.

    04Support IP camera Dual-stream display and recording.

    02Development of LPR(License Plate Recognition) supporting NVR & DVR.

    01Development of Elevator event related NVR & DVR.

    01Development of Masking Editor supporting NVR&DVR(BMP, JPEG, PNG).

  • 2015

    12Support KEVIS, Doowon Electronics IP camera

    12Development of 360 Omni-directional and PTZ IP camera control.

    11Development of Network Emergency Call (SamsungTechwin,Nextronics)

    09Support CYNIX, LG IP camera

    08Development of KSY 5000 Plus, KHDY 8000 Plus Hybrid NVR

    08Development of DRM(including Masking) supporting NVR & DVR

    07Support Neocom,IMI-TECH,JB Tech, IDIS IP camera

    06Development of CCTV Incident Management Software.

    06Support AXIS 5MPixel (2592x1944) IP camera

    05Development of the POS connected Network Video Recorder.    

    04Development of the Car Management Software

    03Take part in the SECON EXPO Show 2015 in Korea.

    02Acquire the MAIN-BIZ Authentication

    01Support Sony,Amontek,HIKVISION IP camera

  • 2014

    12Support CCTV NEOTECH IP camera.

    12Development of 16 channel 360°IP camera supporting NVR

    12Support D-Max, KT&C IP camera.

    11Development of NVR supporting 360° 5M Pixel IP camera.

    11Support Max. 2592x1920 resolution ip camera in NVR.발

    10Support RTSP Video input from IP camera.

    10Development of LPR supporting NVR.

    10Development of video capture(JPEG) & recording solution.

    09Development of DVR getting video from USB DVR.

    08Development of 32 channel IP & HD-SDI Hybrid NVR.

    07Development of NVR supporting 360°3M Pixel IP camera.

    07Support Max. 2048x1536 resolution ip camera in NVR.

    07Support English Electronics IP camera.

    06Register the software business license.

    06Register the Research & Development Center.

    06Support IST IP camera.

    05Development of the WIFI repeater management NVR.

    04Development of the 24 Channel HD-SDI DVR.

    03Take part in the SECON EXPO Show 2014 in Korea.

  • 2013

    12Register ISO-9001 Authentication.

    12Development of Analog, HD-SDI & IP video tribrid NVR.

    06Register Factory Facility.

    05Development of the Fire & Smoke Management DVR.

    05Take part in the Security Korea Show 2013 in Korea.

    03Register the Venture Company.

    03Take part in the SECON EXPO Show 2013 in Korea.

  • 2012

    12Development of Logistics Management DVR.

    08Development of the KHD Hybrid DVR Solution.

    08Participate in the EXCO Show 2012 at Daegu in Korea.

    03Participate in the Security World Expo 2012 in Korea.

    02Establish the Research & Development Department

  • 2011

    12Support SAMSUNG, ASONI IP Camera in the Hybrid Solution.

    10Support Probedigital,Truen IP camera in the Hybrid Solution.

    06Take part in the Security World Expo 2011 in Korea.

    02Development of the KHD Series DVR Solution.

  • 2010

    12Development of the Hybrid KSY, KHY Series DVR Solution.

    11Development of Black Box (M7, M9, S7) application software

    10Development of the KH Series DVR Solution.

    08Development of the KS Series DVR Solution.

    05Establish the K-NEW Co., Ltd.