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Welcome to K-NEW Homepage.
We provide the Video Related Products like the Surveillance Security System and other related Products. K-NEW Co., Ltd. is a new generation business security solution provider. We design, manufacture and implement cost effective and creative video solutions to protect common everyday security problems using information technology and a line of innovative designed hardware.
We offer state of the art equipment in remote video surveillance with intelligent functions and voice over network. K-NEW Co., Ltd. provides mission critical solutions for the security industry, retail sector, hospitality, food service, manufacturing call centers, dispatch operations, financial services, health-care, education, institution, government, and gaming where we provide business efficiency solutions for core operations
K-NEW Co. Ltd. possesses a team of professionals from diverse corporate, technical backgrounds, and experience providing a plethora of expertise across a broad spectrum of industries. We understand our client’s business environment and operations from a overall perspectives as well as technical side.
First and foremost, we understand business economics and requirement for solutions to show a return-on-investment not as just and adjunct to the security initiative. We try to provide NEW-Generation cost-effective economical security solutions for today’s business and institutional needs. The new Value Thinking is what had led us to become an industry leader. and we try to become a global security leader by providing the innovative information and security products with member’s future directing and creating thinking and solving our system integration and solution partner’s real-world problems with end-to-end true answers.